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Behavioral Issues
There are many cases of individuals becoming frustrated with their situation and acting aggressively. Behavioral issues are common in many different situations for many types of students, and it is important for you to know that there are options available to improve behavior.

Suspension / Expulsion Hearings
Sadly, many children have been suspended or faced expulsion due to bad grades or behavioral problems. Many of these issues can be appropriately addressed if it is determined that your child has a disability.

Individual Family Services Plans
An individual family services plan (IFSP) is designed for families of disabled children between one and three years of age. It is structured to provide information and advice regarding various learning opportunities and to help develop the disabled child.

Individual Program Plan
Those who suffer from a disability may greatly benefit from creating an individual program plan. This can help students and children pursue their desires with the assistance and support necessary to the process.

Intervention Implementation
If you have discovered that your child is disabled, then you may benefit from intervention implementation. You may be provided with services that assist you by instructing you in how to help your child continue developing.

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At SRA, we are dedicated to providing excellent and skillful representation for families with disabled children in need of a better educational future and help with accomplishing their goals. We understand the stress you may be under due to a disability that you are trying to deal with, and our practice can assist you in the various meetings and plans that you will go through with your child’s educators. Contact the Student Rights Advocates today to find out how we can help you!

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